Heliotrope 65

Heliotrope 65 Power House

Heliotrope 65 by Bakricono Shipyard is easily the most advanced power cat design available in today’s market

Designed for blue water cruising with 3,000 NM range the Heliotrope 65 will top at 22 knots when needed.

Built to last using state of the art construction technology and premium machinery and systems Heliotrope is easily owner operated.

Her interior is fully customizable to suit specific need. Her common areas are surprisingly large (the flybridge measures a stunning 46sqM) She will do well as cruising yacht or comfortable live aboard.

Luxurious accommodation for 8 guests in 4 cabins. There are 4 separate areas for guests’ entertainment as well as plenty of deck space for toys and sport activities.

The solar assisted power system generates up to 7KW from solar panels. Battery storage amounts up to 5,000 amps. Apart from extreme power demand, day-to-day operations can be run on this system and only a backup generator is needed.


  • Solar Power Assisted – up to 7KW from intelligent state-of-the-art solar powered system
  • Sophisticated C-Zone central control system allows pre-set modes on all electrical systems
  • Unique Fast Displacement hull design provide efficient propulsion and protection for prop and rudder
  • Offers three exceptional exterior entertainment areas
  • Completely customizable interior
  • Super-Yacht size flybridge, entertains 25+ guests with ease. (46.00m2 / 495ft2)


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