PMG Shipyard is the largest and best equipped shipyard for production of luxury yachts in Southeast Asia, and is highly respected within the naval construction industry.

Strategically located by the sea on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, close to the commercial deep sea ports of Map Ta Phut and Laem Chabang, we are established on a 20,800 sq.m. facility owned by PMG Marine Complex with direct sea access facilitating any overseas export.

We are specializing in the construction of monohull and luxury catamaran yachts, both power and sail, within the range of 45 to 120 feet. We are proud to have produced the world’s first luxury solar assisted catamaran yacht in 2013, the Heliotrope 65. Since then, we have produced a range of yachts, some with conventional propulsion, and some fully electric with solar power. We do both single order custom yachts and serial production for other brands.

As opposed to many other boat builders, we have a large staff of specialized workers and technicians within all areas of production, giving us the ability to handle boat building from A to Z, all in-house, all under one roof. This gives us full control over quality and production schedules, since we don’t have to rely on sub-contractors for parts of our work.

We have a strong international presence in management and key technical positions, and have world-renowned members on our advisory board.

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