The hulls, decks and structural bulkheads are constructed by means of vacuum infusion with a core sandwich, using Bisphenol A-type Epoxy Vinyl ester resin known for their excellent corrosion resistance and anti-osmotic properties.

A light weight closed cell PVC foam core is used in order to allow for a well-controlled resin impregnation of the entire structure during the infusion process, giving optimum weight, insulation, stiffness and acoustic properties. Bellow the waterline the laminate is built up with Soric fabrics to allow for a solid bottom.

The structure is comprised of several types of Multi-axial fabrics, each with unique advantages to enhance the structural properties.

The “impact zones” have been especially addressed:

  • The hulls are infused with Soric core below the waterline to give a solid bottom for greater strength and impact resistance, in turn also allowing the vessel to be beached in the event of an emergency.
  • The fore-peaks are watertight with collision bulkheads and foam filled to maximize the hull integrity and buoyancy of the vessel in case of frontal impact
  • The aft compartment is closed with a watertight bulkhead to protect the engine compartment in the event of flooding.